Postrock from Bamberg, Germany

Hello, nous sommes 'Darboux'. Five musicians with different musical backgrounds that take you on a spheric and fascinating journey through miscellaneous parts and songs. The drums, the bass, both guitars and the saxophone will band together and drift apart again. Close your eyes, let your mind wander. Fermez les yeux, pour voir.

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Beginning 2013, the first songs were created step-by-step and with different musicians until the first gig in the current cast.
On the 1st May in 2015, Templin, a small village near Berlin became a pleasure due to a small but impressive festival.
The following gigs in the local music scene brought us together with postrock bands like Kokomo, Sojus3000 and Terraformer.
In 2017, we came up with new songs, the release of our first Album called "DX", and joined a group of dancers to perform our songs.

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Next Show

11th April 2019
Pizzini, Bamberg

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Recent Shows

  • 19th December 2017 Pizzini, Bamberg EP-Release Show
  • 23rd September 2017 Beteigueze, Ulm with PAULINCHEN BRENNT
  • 22nd September 2017 Immerhin, Würzburg with GOLD (NL)
  • 23rd June 2017 Maximileaneum Munich with kollektiv sinestesia
  • 2nd June 2017 Sonderbar Coburg with Yansen & Aika Akamowitsch
  • 27th May 2017 Kontaktfestival, Bamberg with kollektiv sinestesia (postrock and dance)
  • 19th May 2017 Alte Seilerei, Bamberg with Drehmoment (postrock and dance)
  • 18th May 2017 Alte Seilerei, Bamberg with Drehmoment (postrock and dance)
  • 30th August 2016 secret location, Bamberg with Spring.Fall.Sea
  • 7th April 2016 Café Manfred, Leipzig with Terraformer, Watered
  • 20th March 2016 Erdferkels Höhle, Bamberg with kokomo
  • 28th November 2015 Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel, Coburg with Stonecold
  • 16th Oktober 2015 Luise - The Cultfactory, Nürnberg with Leak, Yellow Thought
  • 12th July 2015 Auenlandfestival, Dermnach with Karina Kvist
  • 10th July 2015 P31, Nürnberg with A.R. Wallace
  • 12th June 2015 Abschlusskonzert fclr 2015, Bamberg
  • 21th May 2015 Kontaktfestival, Bamberg with Piano Interrupted, Mercier, Avventur, Vvhile
  • 12th May 2015 Change e. V. Konzert, Sound'n'Arts, Bamberg
  • 2nd May 2015 Bastival, Templin with Affnstilltstand, Fuzztronaut
  • 12th April 2014 JUZ, Bamberg with Kokomo, Euryale, Paper Planes, Terraformer
  • 7th March 2014 Aarhus Trojborg Beboerhus with Terraformer, Sunken
  • 6th March 2014 Café Brasil, Lübeck with Terraformer
  • 5th March 2014 UJZ Korn, Hannover with Terraformer
  • 14th Januar 2014 Kultursplitter, Bamberg
  • 13th Dezember 2013 JUZ, Bamberg with Sojus 3000, Orastic Noises


Email: info@darboux.de

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