instrumental post-rock from Bamberg, Germany

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7th April 2016
Café Manfred, Leipzig
with Terraformer, Watered
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20th March 2016
Erdferkels Höhle, Bamberg
with Kokomo



28th November 2015
Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel, Coburg
with Stonecold

16th Oktober 2015
Luise – The Cultfactory, Nürnberg
with Leak, Yellow Thought

12th July 2015
Auenlandfestival, Dermnach
with Karina Kvist

10th July 2015
P31, Nürnberg
with A.R. Wallace

12th June 2015
Abschlusskonzert fclr 2015, Bamberg

21th May 2015
Kontaktfestival, Bamberg
with Piano Interrupted, Mercier, Avventur, Vvhile

12th May 2015
Change e. V. Konzert, Sound’n’Arts, Bamberg

2nd May 2015
Bastival, Templin
with Affnstilltstand, Fuzztronaut



12th April 2014
JUZ, Bamberg
with Kokomo, Euryale, Paper Planes, Terraformer

7th March 2014
Aarhus Trojborg Beboerhus
with Terraformer, Sunken

6th March 2014
Café Brasil, Lübeck
with Terraformer

5th March 2014
UJZ Korn, Hannover
with Terraformer

14th Januar 2014
Kultursplitter, Bamberg



13th Dezember 2013
JUZ, Bamberg
with Sojus 3000, Orastic Noises



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